The AJC today held a meeting of Randwick Trainers and other stakeholders, including Racing NSW, to give them the opportunity to engage directly with the Catholic Church and the State Government over arrangements for World Youth Day 2008.

Trainers including Anthony Cummings, John O'Shea and Graeme Rogerson adamantly presented their issues and concerns for the Randwick thoroughbred community.

To help finalise solutions and negotiate financial support, a working party involving senior Randwick trainers, other stakeholders led by Dr. Treve Williams and the AJC has been formed to address concerns.

A first meeting will be held early next week to help the parties finalise proposals for support and compensation.

The AJC has from the time of being announced as the venue for World Youth Day, sought to ensure that industry participants are adequately protected for what will be a significant disruption to their normal day-to-day business and also that Club and industry finances are preserved.

The AJC believes that the meeting today will assist it in concluding as quickly as possible an agreement with the organisers of World Youth Day that will meet the requirements of all parties.

AJC Media Release Published 28/06/07