A working party formed to study the effects of next year's papal visit to Randwick racecourse was long overdue, trainer Anthony Cummings said.

Cummings is the president of the Randwick Trainers Association which met with officials from the Australian Jockey Club (AJC), the state government and the Catholic church.

The AJC subsequently announced a working party would be formed to address the trainers' concerns.

"I said thanks for the heads-up but it should have been done twelve months ago," Cummings said.

"The representative from the church was surprised by the amount of feeling from the trainers but he left in no doubt about how we feel."

Randwick will closed for racing for 10 weeks while a stage is built from which Pope Benedict will say mass for World Youth day.

More than 600,000 people are expected to attend the mass next July and will be camping out at Randwick.

Several structures including toilet blocks will be built while the track itself is expected to be severely damaged by traffic.

The AJC has told trainers they can remain on course to work their horses but Cummings said that situation was untenable.

"We have been told there is an opportunity for horses to stay here but that is just not viable," he said.

"The place will be a building site and raises insurance issues.

"We are entrusted with the care and well-being of very valuable horses and it is not industry best practice to be training them on a building site.

"Then there is the argument of who would be liable if an accident occurred.

"We could work the horses in Pitt Street but would it be a good place to be?"

Cummings has already made arrangements to move his horses to Warwick Farm while other trainers are considering Queensland and country NSW areas.

"The horses will still be in work but somewhere else," Cummings said.

"But the thing is that once they go, they don't all return.

"If we lose 20 per cent of the carnival horses, then it will be a pretty ordinary carnival."

The AJC said a meeting would be held early next week to help the parties finalise proposals for support and compensation.

"The matter of compensation remains unanswered," Cummings said.

The papal visit is just one of a myriad of issues which has thrown the AJC into the headlines this week after new chairman Ross Smyth-Kirk blasted senior management and said the club's current business model was unsustainable.

AAP 2018 Published 28/06/07