The ongoing battle between Racing NSW and bookmakers got very personal yesterday when private correspondence was published on its web site.

The contents of a letter sent to media personality Alan Jones by bookmaker Robbie Waterhouse were published together with prolific and revealing comments made by Racing NSW CEO Peter V'Landys.

One can only imagine that the highly unconventional move of publishing someone else's letter with such comments was considered and approved by the Board of Racing NSW, with full regard to the risks involved.

Apart from the obvious issue of the appropriateness of such publication, Racing NSW's commentary exposes strategies employed which go to the heart of its defence in current litigation in the Federal Court.

It is never a good idea to comment publicly on cases before a Court, if only because such commentary could be considered contempt of court. Racing NSW has never been what one could call "good in court", with a string of failed cases in its wake over the past few years.

The current cases, where Racing NSW is being sued by Betfair and Sportsbet, have rightly been described by it as the most important issue facing the governing body in its history.

Under such circumstances, one can only wonder how its Chairman, experienced lawyer Alan Brown and Racing NSW's legal advisers could condone such reckless comments being made by V'Landys.

Among other things in the commentary, V'Landys:

All of this material is now in the public domain and doubtless a number of lawyers are currently poring over it.

Given the high level crisis meeting to be held in Sydney tomorrow, the luminaries present should ask themselves if they really want to be directed by a Racing NSW which adopts such tactics.

Clearly racing in New South Wales needs to be led by a body with more common sense than is currently being demonstrated.

Cyberhorse 2020 Bill Saunders Published 30/07/09